UK elections yield results for the Greens

All of our Member Parties did well in the elections, but the Scottish Green Party performed exceptionally well. A Green pulse surged across Scotland culminating in a historic result for the Greens in the country.

The Greens effectively tripled their representation in the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Greens will now have 6 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) instead of the 2 they had before the elections with a 4.6% share. The new Members of the Scottish Parliament for the Greens are; Patrick Harvie, Alison Johnstone, Andy Wightman, John Finnie, Mark Ruskell and Ross Greer. This makes them the fourth largest force in the Scottish Parliament.

Back in England, Sian Berry, the London Mayoral candidate of our Member Party, the Green Party of England and Wales, came in third place with 5.8%. In the meantime, the party also managed to keep hold of their two seats in the London Assembly. In the Assembly, Sian Berry and Caroline Russel will take seat in replacement of Baroness Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson. The Greens achieved encouraging results in the local elections as well, specifically in the West Midlands and the South West. “The breakthroughs we have made mean more councils will now have Green voices, voices that scrutinise, challenge and ask tough questions”, added Natalie Bennett.

In Northern Ireland’s local election, the Green Party of Northern Ireland achieved fine results. In addition to two Members of the Legislative Assembly the Greens saw an overall increase in Green votes and a rise in membership numbers.

We, the European Greens, want to congratulate our Member Parties with their results in these elections and wish them the best of luck.